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Abbott ready to make his mark again

Queensbury Boxing League - Abbott ready to make his mark again

Reporter Jack Figg

Former QBL novice super-middleweight and light-heavyweight champion Roo Abbott has vowed to stamp his mark on the competition when he returns to the ring after three years out.

Abbott had a record of 8-2 in the league before relinquishing his belts after making the decision to take a break from boxing following the birth of his children, and the two-weight champion has set his sights on recapturing title glory.

“I didn’t lose any of my titles I relinquished them through not fighting” Abbott said

“Hopefully the league see that as an incentive to let me jump into that standard again, I’m not sure what doors will open for me, whether I’ll have this fight and I’ll be in contention for a title eliminator or I go straight back into it.

“I’m aiming to get out twice this year once in June and try an aim for October or November again and then it depends on my performances.”

Despite the Oxted man returning to the ring following three years out, Abbott has insisted he has been ‘rejuvenated’ while still recognising the difficulty of training and preparing for a fight at an older age.

“I’ve sort of been rejuvenated with that spark to come back and I just want to go again really” Abbott said.

“Training is just harder because I’m older, I was sort of early to mid twenties when I was competing regularly on the league and I’m 30 now, I’m not old but I’m not mid-twenties anymore.

“Weight is taking a bit more time to come off but I’m getting there but to say feeling refreshed wouldn’t be right just yet as everything is just a bit harder.

Abbott, who trains out of the Warriors Boxing Gym in East Grinstead, enjoyed a seven fight win streak in the league before he suffered a loss to Artur Gorka, but the 31 year-old is looking to bounce back from defeat and move on.

“I’m in a good place now and I’ve had a longer camp compared to what I used to” Abbott said.

“I was back involved in January just getting back in the gym and getting around and mixing it in with everyone.

“It’s all coming back now but if anything it’s been harder than previously.”

Abbott returns to action June 30 ‘True Grit’ bill with an opponent yet to be announced.




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