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Andrew Larkin clinches Novice title in just his second league fight

Queensbury Boxing League - Andrew Larkin clinches Novice title in just his second league fight


Andrew Larkin secured the Queensbury Boxing League Novice welterweight title in only his second bout. 

Larkin met Naphtali Lambert for the vacant title at the Effingham Park Hotel, on Saturday, and the Dorking man was met with a huge reception. 

From the opening bell it was s fast start from both men with Lambert pushing forward but Larkin working well to defend on the backfoot. 

The first opening presented itself it the last knocking of the first round as Larkin forced Lambert back onto the ropes and landed with a succession of straight shots before firing in a big right hand that caused the referee to call an eight count.  

As Lambert trotted back to the corner on unsteady legs the Keddles boxer came out gallantly in the second round and attempted to force his way back into the fight. 

However, momentum was with Larkin who set a quick pace in the second round and as the two boxers brawled on the inside, the opening presented itself to the Dorking man. 

Larkin landed two sweeping right hooks that folded his opponent onto the canvas, despite Lambert’s brave efforts to carry on, the referee waved the contest off. 

After the bout Larkin, who had won the title in just his second QBL bout, claimed he would have never believed he would win a QBL belt and cited his believes he showcased a more professional boxing display compared to prior fights. 

“I know it’s a novice belt but for me it’s like a world title." he said.  

“For my age at 33, to come from a White Collar fight at this place two and half years ago, to come back here and get a Queensbury title is a dream. I’d never thought it would happen. 

“Instead of running around like a bull, for a change I stayed on the outside and boxed and I thought I looked quite tidy. 

“I stood my ground and I didn’t keep charging in and we both made it look like we knew what we was doing. 

“We knew he threw wide shots so I was told keep your hands up for the counter and go down the middle and that was the game plan to just throw straight shots." 

Larkin’s trainer, Simon Astill cited the game plan was to land shots through the middle of their opponents guard. 

“We knew the lad was coming in 100 percent ready to take the belt home.” Astill said. 

“Andy is a trooper, he’s gone in, he’s listened to his corner and we told him to go through the middle, he did and he boxed a fantastic fight, I’m really pleased with him. 

“Andrew said he had a feeling in himself when he caught him the heart may have left him, and I do believe that may have happened.”




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