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Arthur James prepares for return as he challenges for the National title

Queensbury Boxing League - Arthur James prepares for return as he challenges for the National title


Arthur James claims he is the ‘top dog’ of the super-middleweight division, as he gears up to challenge for the National title. 

James will meet the Quest Knockout Tournament semi-finalist Jordan Tucker on the ‘Capital Shakedown’ bill, staged at the Troxy, in London on November 24. 

Tucker came into the middleweight Quest tournament having previously campaigned at light-cruiserweight, but James claimed he is not worried by his opponents size, and even believes he will be the stronger of the two and it won't be a surprise to QBL fans. 

“I’ll be stronger than him, I’ll be the same size as him, so I don’t see him being any bigger than me, I’m one of the biggest super-middleweights they’ve got,” James said. 

“He can’t punch, I haven’t seen him knock anything out. I haven’t seen Jordan Tucker knock anyone out, or even hurt them. So what, he’s big?

“I don’t think anyone will be surprised, they’ve all watched me knock guys out on shows before who are bigger than me before. Size and that stuff has never been a problem.” 

James was last in action back in April, when he challenged for the Regional title, a contest he drew to Like2Box’s Ricky James. 

However, James believes he comfortably beat Ricky, and for that reason moving up to National level was only logical. 

“I’m definitely glad to be back, especially after I got robbed for a draw, I beat Ricky easy,” James said. 

“To me I’m onto the next level like I should have been anyway, in my eyes I’ve won that Regional title and to be fighting for the National title is normal.” 

James revealed after his draw, he wanted to fight again, however, he claims he was an avoided fighter and only Tucker was willing to fight. 

“I was meant to have a fight with Keiron (Harris) that didn’t work out, I was going to have a rematch with Ricky, that didn’t work out. James said. 

“Then both those guys move down to middleweight to fight each other and it left me in the lurch where they weren’t at the weight class anymore and all the other super-middleweight already had fights at the time. 

“I went down to the show in September, did an interview with Alan and just called out any opponent I could, and Jordan Tucker took the bait.” 

If James is successful against Tucker, the undefeated super-middleweight stated he would like to fight for the British title, but questions whether there will be a willing opponent to meet him.

“I’d like to win this National title and defend it. But because of what I’ve done in the division it makes it hard for me to find people that actually want to fight me,” he said.  

“Every time I’ve meant to fight someone they pull out. The closer it gets to the fight they get cold feet. To me the main thing is to just get in there, win this title, defend it and then if there is someone at that British level than we’ll fight. 

“But at the moment, I think I’m top dog.” 




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