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Avis ready to shock lightning Ace

Queensbury Boxing League - Avis ready to shock lightning Ace

Reporter Jack Figg

Unbeaten QBL light-heavyweight Jack Avis is willing to shock people yet again as he challenges for the national title.

Avis challenges Ace Adam for the national light heavyweight title on next months ‘True Grit’ bill, and he comes into the bout of the back of two consecutive league wins since debuting in February when he beat Jordan Tucker on points.

The Surrey boxer has achowleged his underdog status and believes he has raised a few eyebrows since his league debut.

“I've always come into my fights as an underdog in the league” Avis said.

“I heard the commentary on the first fight and I can tell they didn’t know what I was capable of as no one knew anything about me.

“No one knew anything about me or about my past boxing experience so I think everyone was a bit surprised.”

Adams captured the title in his last bout with an impressive win against Navid Iran on the ‘Divide and Conquer’ show in April, and Avis was ringside to see Adam rip the title away from Iran.

“I know about him but not a lot really” Avis said.

“I was at his last fight because one of my sparring partners was fighting on the same night so I thought I’d watch it.

“I can’t remember much of it so I’m not sure what to expect but I’ve heard he’s quite tasty so that’s all I can say really.

The fight will mark the first time Avis has competed in a five round bout, something Adam's has the advantage of experiencing before, however the challenger believes he is well prepared for the occasion.

Avis said: “I think fitness will be key in this one as it’s going to be a five rounder, so I’ve been focussing a lot on that with the fitness side of things.

“It’s going to be my first one, but I’m quite experienced in the past in three rounds which makes me think I’m definitely fit enough for five rounds.

“I’m a front forward fighter so I’m going to be trying to use my weight and my strength to dominate in the ring like I do all my fights.”

Despite only having two bouts within the league Avis had 12 bouts with his current club, Dynamo Boxing, and the 26 year-old failed to rule out the possibility of trying his hand in the paid ranks one day.

“I’ll go as far as they take me” Avis said when accessing how far he can take his boxing career.

“If that means going professional in the future I don’t know I haven't thought too much about it yet.

“Eventually I would like to turn pro but for the moment we’re just going to see how I do in this next fight and see where it goes as I think it will be a test.”

Avis will face Adam's for the title on Saturday June 30th at the Copthorne Effingham Park Hotel in West Sussex.




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