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Ayinde fighting for both championship and charity

Queensbury Boxing League - Ayinde fighting for both championship and charity


ANTHONY 'BIG MAC' AYINDE  has his sights set on the National welterweight title when he meets Tommy Leroy on Saturday, September 8. 

The title fight is on the undercard on the ‘Quest Knockout Tournament’ that will be staged at the Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey. 

Leroy will step up a weight from light-welterweight when he faces the former Novice and Regional champion Ayinde, and the Kingston man believes the weight could be an advantage. 

“I’ve seen a few of Tommy Leroy’s fights and he seems like a very sharp, slick boxer,” Ayinde said.

“But he is coming into my weight and my realm, I’ve been at welterweight for like five years and this is my weight. 

“I know he’s a bit younger and a bit more inexperienced than me as well but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be a good fight for the people, I saw his last fight and it was fight of the year, he’s very hungry and very game.” 

Ayinde will not only be fighting for the title on September 8, the 27 year-old is dedicating this bout to the charity YoungMinds, a charity who fight mental health for children and young peopple. 

After Ayinde’s friend took his own life in early July, the Kingston man decided to dedicate the fight to the charity and raise money. 

“I’m fighting in the name of my friend and the for the charity YoungMinds,” Ayinde said.

“I’ve got a lot more riding on this fight than I would usually have riding on a fight, it’s a different approach for me. 

“I’ve never done something like this before but because it’s for such a good cause I can already feel how it’s affecting my training camp. 

“Just knowing that I’m fighting on behalf of charity and my lost friend I can feel a boost in my training camp, it's given me an extra edge that I otherwise wouldn’t have. I feel like I have extra responsibility going into this fight. 

“I feel a lot of people can relate to the charity itself, and when it comes to the actual fight night itself it will give me the extra buzz and help me push through past the finish line.” 

The title bout marks as the second time Ayinde has fought for the National title, when he was beaten by current British champion Alex Bellingham, but ‘Big Mac’ cited he will take advantage of this second opportunity and look to turn professional if successful. 

“Me grabbing that National title is inevitable, first time I didn’t get it but it’s going to happen,” he said. 

“I’ve been in the league a while now and I’ve got a lot of experience, and my aim was as soon as I hit National level I wanted to go to the pro side of the Queensbury Boxing League. 

“I want to take my journey to the highest stage and I think I’ve earnt the right to do that and I want to make sure I cement that by nicking the National title. That will help me build a platform to go to the pro stage, as I feel I am ready for that.” 




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