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Bournemouth's Owen Tierney debuts and Gemma Ruegg claims title

Queensbury Boxing League - Bournemouth's Owen Tierney debuts and Gemma Ruegg claims title


Three boxers from Bournemouth competing on their ‘Road to Glory’ show on Saturday. 

The show, staged at the Effingham Park Hotel in Crawley, saw Gemma Ruegg, Karl Trott and Owen Tierney competing. 

Tierney opened the show as he took on Marcus Stephenson in a welterweight bout, and the 28 year-old controlled the action from the opening bell. 

In the first round Tierney worked at range getting behind a stiff jab, while also landing with shots to the left and right of Stephenson’s body. 

As the second began round Tierney upped his product as he worked to head and body, however, Stephenson seemed to take the shots well while occasionally throwing a left-hook in defence. 

In the third and final round Tierney continued to apply the pressure and trapped Stephenson in the corner and unloaded with body shots dropping his opponent. 

Despite Stephenson’s bravery to beat the count, he was dropped once again with a right-uppercut to the solar plexus, however, the bell sounded and Tierney was awarded a unanimous decision victory. 

After the fight, Tierney said: “It was good, we know he’d be tough but I just done what I had to do. 

“I was just looking for the openings, once I found the openings to the head I could look for the body shot, then it all happened. 

“I boxed at welterweight for this fight, but I want to go down to light-welterweight.” 

Tierney also stated he would like to fight once more before the end of the year, targeting the light-welterweight division. 

Representing the House of Pain boxing gym was both light-welterweight Ruegg and middleweight Trott. 

Ruegg fought Aimee Edwards from Brighton for the Novice light-welterweight, and the Bournemouth boxer got off to a solid start forcing her opponent on the back foot. 

As the fight got into the second half, Edwards tried to keep the range, however, Ruegg worked the body and head of her opponent switching from orthodox to southpaw.

Edwards found success with straight shots in the second round, however, it was Ruegg’s relentless pressure and sweeping right-hooks that edged out her to a points victory. 

In the main-event of the show, Trott met the Novice middleweight champion Josh Whittington, also from Brighton. 

Whittington made a quick start landing a succession of shots causing the referee to call for a standing count. 

However, shortly after the bout came to an end as Whittington caught Trott with a massive hook that slumped his opponent to the floor, and the fight ended in the first round.




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