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Cannon versus Griffiths The Coaches View

Queensbury Boxing League - Cannon versus Griffiths The Coaches View

Jack Figg Reports

As Wolf Griffiths and Lee Cannon prepare to meet on the June 30, ‘True Grit’ bill for the vacant regional light-middleweight title, both boxers coaches have expressed their thoughts on the impending match-up.

Cannon, who is trained by Like2Box head trainer Ian ‘Jumbo’ Johnson, is a former welterweight and light-middleweight title holder, and bounced back from a loss to Steve Albone in November by beating Tommy White in April.

Griffiths, trained by Stingwray head coach Neil Wray, is a former novice light-middleweight title challenger but failed in his attempt for the belt losing against Aaron Jackman.

As Cannon comes into the fight with more experience, Griffiths has the advantage in youth, and Wray believes this could be a deciding factor come fight night.

“I know he’s a classy operator (Cannon), he’s been around a bit but he’s getting on a bit also” Wray said.

“Wolf’s young and he’s coming up where I feel Lee is coming down, that’s not in a disrespectful way that’s just how I see it, he’s still a good fighter.

“Wolf’s got a lot of work to do to be able to beat him but I believe he can. He’s gunning for that title and it’s what he wants more than anything."

Jumbo responded by acknowledging his opposite corner’s claim but insisted Cannon’s experience could cancel out any potential age disadvantage.

“I do agree with what Neil is saying, Lee has been about. But that doesn't always mean the younger man is going to have his way, they all thought the younger Groves was going to beat the experienced Froch but he stuck to what he had to do and won.

“Griffiths is very aggressive and in good shape but I hope Lee sticks to the plan and picks him off as he comes in as he’s quite a come forward kind of fighter.

“I’m very much a believer if you do as your told by the trainer on the night it should go to plan and I believe the plan me and the team have set out can beat him.

“There’s been many times the younger fighter has come through and got maybe over excited with the moment, and Lee wont he's been there and know how to be cool calm and collected.”

Cannon versus Griffiths will feature on the undercard of the "True Grit" promotion taking place on Saturday June 30th and the Copthorne Effingham Park Hotel in West Sussex.




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