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Davies plans to waste no time in ring return

Queensbury Boxing League - Davies plans to waste no time in ring return

Jack Figg

BEN DAVIES is planning to waste no time as he returns to the ring on Saturday September 8, competing in the middleweight Quest Knockout Tournament.

Davies last competed in April 2017 when he beat former rival Joel 'Smoke' Wanderema in a rematch to claim the National middleweight title, however, the 28 year-old has been sidelined for over a year with a shoulder injury.

Despite the injury, the Like2Box fighter admits although there is a possibility of ring-rust, he is confident in returning to the ring.

“(The injury) is alright to be honest, you just have to step back in and get in the mix," he said. “I had still been training, but now I’m looking forward to just going back in there and getting another title.

“I think there may be a little bit of ring rust but I have been sparring, I know it’s different but once I get the first one out the way I know I’ll be alright, in terms of nerves I’m alright with that, as soon as I get in there it will all come back."

Although it will be 17 months since Davies last fought, the middleweight revealed he was not interested in taking an easy first fight back.

“I had been offered a few little fights but they were boring, I wanna get up for something and I’m bang up for this," he said. “You have to be motivated and when you put so much time and effort into it you have to be on it and having fights against not journeyman but easier fighters isn’t really gonna test me.

“It would be a waste of everyone's money and time, so here they can come and watch me fight three times in one night."

Davies is joined by Aaron Lowery, Matt Flavel, Jordan Tucker, Olamide Dedegbe, Ross Brand, and Kieron Harris, in the middleweight tournament.

Harris, the current National champion, beat Like2Box's Ricky James in June on the 'True Grit' bill to claim the gold, and Davies revealed he is aiming to take revenge.

“Kieron Harris beat one of my stablemates in Ricky James, so I need to beat him without a shadow of a doubt, I’d fight anyone but it’s a pride thing," Davies said.

"I also want to be the best in the gym, so if I beat (Harris) I’m there aren't I, but I still have to get one back for my mate. It would be good to get them back and do it for the gym, to let them know we can bang."

Davies admitted he has not thought about future plans for after the tournament, as the former champion revealed he has learnt from previous mistakes to take one fight at a time.

“I haven’t thought about it," Davies said. “I just take a fight at a time now, whereas before I never did. I’ve learnt now if I take one fight at a time I can work better and get my mindset better.

“I know I’ve got a target on my back, and I know a lot of people want to beat me, but I’m gonna prove a lot of people wrong.

“I’m very, very confident- not too confident, but I believe I’ll be in the final and winning this tournament."  




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