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Dedegbe aiming to prove he is the best middleweight in the league

Queensbury Boxing League - Dedegbe aiming to prove he is the best middleweight in the league


REGIONAL MIDDLEWEIGHT champion Olamide Dedegbe revealed plans to conquer the division after the ‘Quest Knockout Tournament’. 

The knockout tournament will be staged at the Epsom Downs Racecourse on Saturday, September 8, and Dedegbe will be joined by eight other middleweights in the competition. 

Dedegbe, who won his title by beating Gavin Lissenden in February at the Troxy in London, cited the prospect of competing three times in one night will suit his style and revealed he will take each fight as it comes. 

“It’s definitely something new but I think it will suit me because I’ve always backed my fitness level so fighting three times in a night isn’t a problem,” Dedegbe said. 

“The only adjustment I’ll have to make is probably the stop and start nature of having one fight, and then having to wait around for the second one or third one potentially. But I’m looking forward to it and I think it will suit my style.

“You have to take each fight as it comes and you can’t really take your time in any fight because it’s a short fight, you have to be super busy and look for the stoppage early. 

“There’s no gamble to take there, you can’t go in there with a gameplan saying ‘I’m going to wait’ or try and do this or that you just have to go for it.” 

Dedegbe will meet Jordan Tucker in the first round of the competition, who has come down from light-cruiserweight for the tournament, and the Londoner admitted he can expect a tough fight.  

“To be honest I don’t know anything about Jordan I haven’t seen him in the league before but what I can expect is a tough fight,” Dedegbe said. 

“Everyone in this competition are quality fighters so I’m expecting somebody who is well schooled and coming in with the intention to win and bringing their A game so I’m prepared for that.

“I’m not looking to beat anyone in this competition, we’re all fairly evenly matched so anyone could take it. 

“I’m taking each fight as it comes and I’m not looking to call anyone out I’ll take each fight as it comes.” 

Dedegbe stated if he is to win the tournament he believes he will be the best middleweight within the QBL, and has targeted future title fights further down the line. 

“To be honest if I win this tournament I would have beaten the current and former National champion, and also a former British champion so I would say I’m the best middleweight in the league. 

“I’d love to get the National and British title outside of the tournament but again I’m not targeting any names, just titles and belts is what I’m looking for.”




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