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Edwards and Ball fight to a draw in historic league fight

Queensbury Boxing League - Edwards and Ball fight to a draw in historic league fight


Aimee Edwards and Leanne Ball fought to a draw in the first ever QBL women's title fight. 

Edwards, from Brighton and Stingwray's Boxing Club fought Epsom and Gauntlett Boxing Club's Ball for the Novice light-welterweight title over four rounds. 

The opening round was a tight affair with Ball the aggressor showcasing good footwork to get in and out of range however, Edwards remained relaxed on the backfoot working off a solid jab. 

In the second round Ball continued to land shots displaying the faster hands but Edwards was beginning to find her range and put on the pressure. 

The fight was turned on its head in the third round as Ball was dropped with a beautifully timed right hand over the top by Edwards. 

Edwards visibly had Ball in trouble as she staggered to her feet however the Brighton boxer could not force the stoppage despite landing a number of shots before the bell. 

In the fourth and final round both women had their success but it was Edwards power that showed as she drove Ball back, and as the bell rang the fight went to the judges scorecards. 

The fight was declared a draw after two judges scored the bout in favour of each boxer and one even. 

After the fight, Stingwray head coach, Neil Wray said: “Performance wise I’m happy, she had a tough camp, had a few injuries here and there but worked hard and it was nothing major.

“I’m happy with her performance overall there was obviously little bits we could work on and being a bit busier at times, working on the head movement after throwing the shots but on the whole I was more than happy with her performance. 

“I do think Aimee should have won, especially with that knockdown I think that was a defining moment in the fight and I can’t see how she didn’t win to be fair.” 

Ball's trainer, Chris Gauntlett also believed he and his boxer should have been awarded the decsion. 

He said: “I thought she nicked it myself, we won the first two rounds clearly, did they win the next two rounds clearly? No, they didn’t so I don’t know how they came to that decision but that’s boxing. 

“I’m in the corner doing my job and the judges are doing their job so I must respect that. 

“It feels amazing to be involved with the first women's title fight in the league, and we can go back on work on a lot more with Leanne."  





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