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Eurosport Sign Queensbury Boxing League

Queensbury Boxing League - Eurosport Sign Queensbury Boxing League

Queensbury Boxing League promoters Ross Minter and Alan Foley confirmed today that after lengthy negotiations they have secured an exciting broadcast deal with one of the countries leading sports channels Eurosport to showcase their revolutionary boxing league. As part of the deal the league's last event Fearless that took place at the end of 2011 will air on the channel on Friday February 3rd at 10:30pm during the channels primetime viewing slot and the hour long episode will feature some of the hottest action captured from the evenings line up.

The promotional duo who launched the league back in 2010 with the aim of creating a fresh and exciting new boxing platform for British boxers to compete on have seen a rapid growth in the promotions popularity over the last twelve months with boxers from all over the country signing up to compete within its ranks, and now with Eurosport broadcasting the Fearless event next month and also the league's upcoming Night Of Champions event on Saturday March 10th at the Epsom Racecourse also being aired on the channel the league's unique new brand of boxing events are guaranteed to reach a much larger audience.

“This is a fantastic achievement for the show and is testament to all of the hard work that’s been put in to making this league one of the most exciting boxing shows in the country,” commented Minter.

“When we set out to create this league we wanted to build a third legitimate boxing code in the UK that would bridge the gap between the amateur and professional ranks and develop a league system to give the boxers competing in it something to aim for.There is still a long way to go and further improvements to make but the league is a huge positive for the sport and the coverage Eurosport will offer us is going to expose the show to a whole new audience and hopefully get more people watching boxing again”

The man tasked with making sure the league’s development continues to grow in the right direction is promotions director Alan Foley, and Foley is more than confident that the deal with Eurosport would ensure the league will become a major force on the UK’s boxing landscape in 2012 with the coverage the channel will provide.

“I think this deal is a fantastic step forward for the Queensbury brand and I'm sure its going to attract a massive amount of interest to what we are doing. This is an unbelievable platform for boxers to compete on and the deal is going showcase the league and its fighters to a national audience which is amazing"

“I think our success is down to three important factors,the short fast paced fights, good competitive match making and the entertaining way the whole events are run which is one of the key things we set out to build the league on. Boxing is competing with so many other sports now and people want to see fights that have you on the edge of your seat and not prospects beating up journeymen, and once people have actually experienced a Queensbury show live they never go away disappointed and that's what boxing needs"

The show will go out on Eurosport on Friday February 3rd at 10:30pm and will also be available to all Virgin customers.




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