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Flavell looks ahead to the middleweight Quest Knockout Tournament

Queensbury Boxing League - Flavell looks ahead to the middleweight Quest Knockout Tournament

MATT FLAVELL is looking to rebound from his league debut defeat as he enters the middleweight Quest Knockout Tournament.

Flavell was defeated by Roo Abbott in a light-heavyweight contest on the ‘True Grit’ bill in June, however, the Maidenhead boxer has now moved down two weights to middleweight, something he believes will suit him more.

“I think I’ll do a lot better at middleweight.” Flavell said. “Definitely coming down in the weight class gives me an advantage. “I’m not a big bloke as it is so to be fighting at light-heavyweight, really, was too big for me anyway but it was just easier for me to come back without having the worries of cutting weight and stuff.”

Flavell is joined by Ben Davies, Aaron Lowery, Jordan Tucker, Olamide Dedegbe, Ross Brand, and Kieron Harris, in the middleweight tournament, and the 35 year-old admitted he is the wildcard entrant.

“I suppose I’m relatively unknown, so I suppose it has its upsides to it,” Flavell said. “I did fight last time on the league so there will be some people that saw me, but everyone else in the tournament will be more known. “I can box on the backfoot and I can box going forward, so I can do both so they won’t know whether I’m going to come with one or the other.”

Although Flavell may come into the competition as an underdog, this will not be the first time the Maidenhead man has boxed in a knockout tournament before.

He said: “For me I’ve done a tournament like this before and it’s always the first round of any fight that I always struggle to relax in. “I find once I get past that first round I relax and find my pace and I kind of settle into it. So I think if I get through that first fight and win, the next two fight’s I’ll be boxing to the best of my ability.”

Despite a debut defeat, Flavell admitted a better performance could follow having shaken off some ring-rust, and the 35 year-old is targeting future title fights.

He said: “It’s just getting back used to the intensity of it all, it’s a massive event it’s always packed with lots of people and the intensity of the fight you can’t really replicate that in sparring.

“It’s about getting used to the nerves and everything so now I’ve got back into the swing of things the next time around I think I’ll be a lot better.

“I’d like to get to a position where I could fight for a title as naturally I’m more of a six round fighter than a three round fighter, just due to the fact that I don’t tend to settle into the fight for a couple of rounds.

“Genuinely I’m not a fighter who is ready to get off the mark from the word go which you need to be in a three round fight. So I’d like to see how I perform in a six round fight for a title.”




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