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Gardner Vs Holloway Fighter Review

Queensbury Boxing League - Gardner Vs Holloway Fighter Review

With the buzz surrounding the league's spectacular Capital Shakedown promotion on March 15th at the Alexandra Palace reaching fever pitch, we catch up with some of the league's brightest stars across the divisions to find out who their pick is for the mouth watering British Light Middleweight showdown between three weight undefeated champion Gareth Gardner and two weight former National champion Sam Holloway.

YISAN RODRIGUEZ- Undefeated British Light Cruiserweight Champion

"I've only had the opportunity to watch both Gareth and Sam compete in the league once, and from what I have seen I think Holloway is a better boxer of the two, but that said I think Gardner could be too strong for Holloway and his strength could be the deciding factor that will win him the fight"

DANNY LINEHAM- Former National Middleweight Champion and British Title Challenger

"I think if Sam uses good foot movement and can find counters he could win on points. Gareth will not give him any time to work, but what Gareth will do is come straight at Sam which will suit Holloway. I'm dubious whether Sam can take his power down to the Light Middleweight division as I believe Light Middle is going to suit Gareth more, and I feel Gareth could just be too busy during the fight. I honestly can't decide the outcome of this fight but if I had to choose purely on past experiences I would go with Gareth, but thats only if I had to as my heart say's Sam will win but my head tells me its Gareth's fight.


KIERAN LEINSTER- Undefeated National Middleweight Champion.

"Obviously my view will be subjective but I see Gareth walking away from this bout as the victor. Holloway is a sharp technical boxer, but Gardner is versatile and has enough experience to choose to box at range or pile on the pressure. I see this fight being a war with Gardner dictating the pace and not giving Holloway any room to manuvere, but Holloway's power means that a single punch can change the outcome of this fight so Gardner will need to remain 110% focusssed during the entire fight. I'm hugely excited to see this bout and its is going to be a fantastic climax to what promises to be an explosive show"

ROSSCO PARKER- Former National Super Middleweight & Middleweight Title Challenger

Having sparred a bit with Gareth and having also shared the ring with Sam on a couple of occasions I can say they are both very physically strong. I think it will be a similar fight to my classic with Sam, with Gareth putting on the pressure and Sam countering. I think Gareth will be able to put enough pressure on during the fight to nick the win.

DANNY PARSONS- Undefeated Regional Lightweight Champion

"I think this fight could go either way, what I don't know is if Holloway will be able to match Gardner for pace. If Holloway can keep Gardner off and use his footwork then I think he's got a chance of catching Gareth coming in, and I think this is the best time for Holloway to face Gardner as this is the longest time Gardner has been out of the ring after a long lay off. But if Gardner can come back and set the pace he's known for and can keep nice and tight and not rush in, I think he will outwork Holloway but you never know what could happen if Holloway catches him early"

OLLIE LAWRENCE- National Light Middleweight Contender

Gareth Gardner and Sam Holloway is going to be one hell of a battle for sure. Gardner has so much ability and tons of experience so in my eyes Gardner brings more to the table than Holloway does. Gardner has that relentless in your face style and when he's in the ring its like he hasn't got an off button. I'm not taking anything away from Holloway because he to is a very talented box fighter who can also bang, and he's shown he can both box and brawl which is a gift. Like the old saying goes anything can happen so who knows what the outcome will be, all I know is both have earn't the right to be where they are as they are top fighters.




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