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Hamerston returns to winning ways on comeback

Queensbury Boxing League - Hamerston returns to winning ways on comeback

Sam Hamerston returned to the boxing ring after two years out with a win last Saturday (June 30). 

Hamerston faced Fidel Asudi in a cruiserweight bout over three rounds, on the Queensbury Boxing League ‘True Grit’ show, held at the Effingham Park hotel in Crawley, Sussex. 

The 28 year-old Hamerston began the bout with a tight guard showcasing good footwork on the back foot, but the Swanage boxer struggled to establish his range until the closing sequence of the first round as he forced through a right hand on the bell. 

In the second round Hamerston got behind a well timed double jab and followed up with right crosses to force back is opponent, and on the bell a well timed check-hook landed on the chin of Asudi. 

The Swanage boxer kept up the pressure in the third and final round as he forced Asudi into the corner landing big hooks to head and body but his London opponent survived the onslaught, as Hamerston’s received a unanimous decision. 

“To be honest I put a lot of pressure on myself to perform,” Hamerston claimed. 

“I believe I settled into myself every round my confidence grew and I knew I was in control, I’m happy I got the win, now I want to get my head down and start to improve on my skills and push on with my career in boxing.” 

Hamerston’s father and trainer John and he believed his son grew into the fight as it went on and cited the best is yet to come. 

“Sam hasn’t boxed for many years and it’s alright training in the gym and sparring but when he got in there his timing was a bit out but too be fair it has been a long, long time,” the trainer said.  

“If he was to fight again or that was a six round fight he would’ve pushed on. He would’ve shown his jab and I think another fight and you’ll see the best of him.” 

Hammerston has spent the years out of the ring setting up an amateur boxing club in Swanage, and the cruiserweight contender revealed he hopes to inspire the children he coaches. 

“Kids love every class, and I believe me competing like I did inspires them massively,” Hamerston said.  

“It gives them something to aim for hopefully I get win a title and bring back I belt for them to see I know that would make them smile. 

“I’m unsure what I want I would like to achieve something in boxing I feel very underfield,like my life is missing something so I want to look back when I’m older and say ‘I done that I won that ect.’ 




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