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Harris claims National middleweight title with win over James

Queensbury Boxing League - Harris claims National middleweight title with win over James

Kieron Harris claimed the National middleweight title with a points win over Ricky James on the 'True Grit' bill. 

James showcased positive aggression in the first round landing a right hand however, Harris was illusve on the backfoot evading trouble with slick defense. 

Harris landed the most significant shot of the bout in the second as he dropped James with a short right-hook, the Redhill man got to his feet by the count of eight and finished the round positivley. 

The Like2Box man recovered well forcing the action throughout the third round and while he landed a good left-hook in round three Harris was hard to catch on his feet throwing fast combinations. 

The final two rounds saw James charge his man down closing the gap as Harris attempted to goad his man with showboating, despite the Redhill man's relentless pressure he found himself on the wrong end of a majority decision loss. 

After the fight James' trainer, Michael Pilditch admitted the right decsion was made and believed the knockdown was the deciding factor in the result. 

"I thought it was the right decision," the trainer said. 

"I thought it was a good fight it was close and I think they gave it to Keiran Harris on classier shots where Rick had an answer with the amount of shots that he threw. 

“The knockdown was a bit decisive but Rick came back with a great response in the same round and went hell for leather, apart from that it was a great fight for the fans, I think both lads enjoyed it, even as a trainer I enjoyed it.” 

Also on the bill was fellow Like2Box fighters Anna Beck and Niall Nugent, the latter scoring a second round stoppage win. 

After a tentative opening round Nugent stopped Connor Cartwright with a sharp left-hook followed by a right in the second session.  

“I feel like I could’ve got out of gear a little bit more and pushed it a bit harder and get my shots in a bit more but overall I thought it was good," Nugent said after the win. 

“Once I came in the second round and tightened up a bit and got a bit more composed I got my head moving and started landing more shots and he didn’t really know what to do. 

“Experience is so much but how hard your training and who you’ve got behind you in the gym that drives you more than experience, you could have 15 fights with a bad trainer or three fights with a good one and be the best." 

Making her debut in the league Anne Beck was on the receiving end of a unanimous decision loss, against Josie Carter despite the tough efforts from the Redhill women she failed to close the gap despite showcasing a good jab. 




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