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He'll Have To Knock Me Out To Win Says Harmer

Queensbury Boxing League - He'll Have To Knock Me Out To Win Says Harmer

National QBL Heavyweight champion Bill Harmer say’s title challenger Jakub Mucha will have to “knock him out” if he is to have any chance of ending his undefeated reign next month on the History In The Making undercard.

Harmer's first defence of the title he claimed in emphatic fashion last time out demolishing challenger Pat O'Sullivan will feature on the undercard of the historic first joint Queensbury Boxing League and professional show, and Chatham’s Harmer believes he’s now in the perfect position to take on the big punching Polish warrior, and will stand and bang until one of them falls.

“ I was nervous for the O’Sullivan fight and that made me really pumped up for it, but Mucha is going to be a much tougher fight and he’s a genuine banger, said the champion.

“ We were supposed to meet in the last fight but Mucha pulled out with an injury, and maybe that was a blessing as it gave me the chance to get another fight under my belt and get rid of some of the ring rust since my last fight in September”

“ Mucha is quick, strong and as I’ve said before can bang as he proved against his last opponent Luke Herdman, but I won’t know just how powerful he is until I get in that ring with him and feel what he’s got”

In preparation for his showdown Harmer has been travelling around Kent and Essex to spar with numerous fighters who will replicate the Pole’s strong aggressive style, and Harmer is confident he’ll be more than ready come fight night.

“ I’ve been up in Essex sparring with quite a few Heavyweights who are stocky and powerful like Mucha, plus I’ve been sparring down here with a number of pro’s who are putting in the rounds with me.

“ I think Mucha will come straight at me like he did against Herdman and try to take my head off, and although I’d like to try and box him I think we are going to end up standing toe to toe and trading leather"

“ Whatever happens I know one thing for sure, and that’s’ Mucha will have to knock me out if he’s to take my title”

Harmer’s collision with Mucha will feature on the undercard of Gareth Gardner's professional debut taking place on Saturday June 18th at the Millennium arena at the Copthorne Effingham Park Hotel in West Sussex, and for ticket information call the box office on 0203 751 8599




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