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Holloway Makes Big Impression

Queensbury Boxing League - Holloway Makes Big Impression

Its not often a fighter makes a big impression in the Queensbury Boxing League after just one fight, but Ramsgate's light heavyweight Sam Holloway certainly sent out a message of intent after his debut appearance in the league back in November when the twenty five year old brutally despatched East Grinstead's James Garton with a stunning first round knockout to set up a challenge for the league's vacant English light heavyweight belt.

Making his return to the ring after a two year absence from competition, Holloway fighting out of the O'Neil's boxing gym in Margate could not have written the script better himself for his return to action when with less than thirty seconds gone of the opening round he unleashed a ferocious combination of punches culminating with a vicious left hook that connect with Garton's exposed chin sending him crashing to the canvas in disarray. Although Garton bravely made it back onto his feet and was allowed to continue by referee Seamus Dunne, the writing was on the wall when Holloway mounted another onslaught which forced the referee to jump in to save Garton from further punishment. With Holloway now in line for his title shot in the new year and the buzz surrounding the exciting light heavyweight growing the league quickly caught up with Holloway to find out a bit more about his training and his plans for the leagues 2012 season.

QBL: His Sam, thanks for taking time out to chat to us about your victory on the league's last event Fearless that took place back in November.

Sam Holloway: No problem.

QBL:Your debut in the league was an impressive performance by anyone's standards, and your opponent James Garton was coming into the contest off the back of an impressive win himself. How did you feel coming into the fight and what are your thoughts on your performance.

Sam Holloway: It felt really good to get back in there after being out of the ring for over two years but if I'm honest I would have liked to have got a few more rounds under my belt as was over so quickly, but it was an amazing experience and everyone who made the long journey up from Ramsgate to support me had a great time and were really impressed with the event.

QBL: The fight with Garton was made back in October so you had plenty of notice for the bout, how did your training camp go in the lead up to the fight.

Sam Holloway: Training for the fight was going really well up until 3 weeks before the show when I broke a bone in my right hand during training, which left me unable to throw my right hand right up until the week of the fight and even then I could not really let it go. I was still training hard and doing all of my cardio and running and my coach John O'Neil made sure he strapped it up well on the night and luckily it was ok.

QBL: You mention your coach John O'Neil who runs the very successful O'Neil's boxing gym down in Margate which seems to have a huge pool of talent down there. Whats it like training under John and what sort of training do you get up to at O'Neil's?

Sam Holloway: To be honest I've never done anything like it and every boy that comes out of that gym is always fit. I've known John since I was a kid and since I have been training with him it been fantastic and there are so many good lads in the gym to train with and spar that it just gives you the opportunity to improve all the time.

QBL: Its been a few weeks now since the fight, what have you been up to and when do you think you will be back in the gym training for your title fight early next year.?

Sam Holloway: To be honest I was back in the gym on the Tuesday straight after the fight helping out a few of the other lads who are fighting in December so I'm already in training. I've cut down on the early morning runs and intense conditioning work but once Christmas and New Year are out of the way it will be back to business and getting ready for the next fight on either February 18th or March 10th.

QBL: And what are your feelings about your next fight in the league when you challenge for the vacant Queensbury English light heavyweight title.

Sam Holloway: I'm just really looking forward to it and after the last show I can't wait. The November show was the best experience and a great night, and everyone who came to see me and all the other O'Neil's boys said they can not wait for the next one so as soon as January comes I will be preparing for the show.

QBL: Thanks very much for taking time out to chat to us Sam and we look forward to seeing back in the league in 2012.

Sam Holloway: Thanks very much.

To Catch Sam in action check out the link to the league's YouTube channel QueensburyBoxing to see the Fearless show promo.





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