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Leinster Gives Verdict On Middleweight Rivals

Queensbury Boxing League - Leinster Gives Verdict On Middleweight Rivals

On Saturday night at the Alexandra Palace, Middleweight contenders John Hefford and Daniel Spencer will collide in a mouth watering final eliminator for a shot at current National ruler Kieran "Lights Out" Leinster. With both fighters having already tasted the bitter pill of defeat against the undefeated champion this season, Saturday's showdown has all the ingredients to produce another fight of the season contender with both men hungry to earn their second shot at the belt.

The league caught up with champion Kieran Leinster ahead of Saturday night to get his verdict on who will emerge victorious from the big showdown.

QBL: Hi Kieran, thanks for taking time out to chat about Saturday's big Middleweight clash.

KL: My pleasure.

QBL: You've shared the ring with both Spencer and Hefford this season coming out victorious on both occasions, but tell us a bit more about each fighter starting with John Hefford.

KL: This is a real tough one to call as I guenuinely see this as a real 50/50 fight and I can argue a case for both men winning this. When I fought John Hefford back in February he was a really tricky customer that had awkward movement to deal with, and he throws punches from weird angles so he's dangerous and unpredictable. I think Hefford is definitely the better boxer in this fight and that could work in his favour.

OBL: And what about Spencer, what are his strengths?

KL: Daniel Spencer is a really tough strong fighter who just brings it to you right from the start of the fight. He throws hurtful right hooks to the body that landed during our fight, and he's got a great work rate which can really wear a fighter down during the rounds.

QBL: With the above in mind, talk us through how you see this fight playing out.

KL: As I said its a 50/50 fight and I think if Hefford sticks to his jab and works his boxing then he's got a great chance of beating Spencer, but it will depend a lot on his fitness and what condition he's in. I'm sure Spencer will again come out strong and put it on him and if Hefford can't keep him off and he gets caught with those body shots Spencer hit me with, then they could play a major role in the outcome and Spencer could just be too strong for him. Again its such an exciting fight becuase for me its the classic boxer versus fighter encounter and I just can't pick a winner.

QBL: Thanks Kieran we look forward to seeing you on Saturday night night.




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