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Leroy secures National welterweight title with Ayinde victory

Queensbury Boxing League - Leroy secures National welterweight title with Ayinde victory


TOMMY LEROY picked up the National welterweight title on Saturday night, after a thrilling fight with Anthony Ayinde. 

Leroy moved up from light-welterweight to challenge Ayinde for the vacant title on the undercard of the ‘Quest Knockout Tournament’ staged at the Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey. 

The 18 year-old wasted no time in settling into the action after landing big shots in the first round to pick up an early lead. 

In the second round Leroy was on the receiving end of a right hook from the southpaw Ayinde as the two set an electric fight pace. 

Leroy turned the fight in the third round with a tactical decision to box the majority of the remaining fight in the southpaw stance, and Ayinde was almost floored with a thudding right hook after a three punch combination however, the Kingston man stood up to the power. 

In the closing two round Leroy controlled the action despite the constant threat of Ayinde, and the Surrey boxer finished the final session with a wonderful four punch combination. 

After five exciting rounds Leroy was declared the winner and the new QBL National welterweight champion.

“I feel absolutely amazing I’ve been wanting this day ever since the Luke Cullen loss, it’s been playing on my mind and I could not lose this tonight, I’ve gone in there and made everyone proud,” Leroy said. 

“I had to win this, I fear no one and I’m not scared of any man but one thing I fear is losing in front of my friends and family and that was not going to happen tonight.” 

Despite making the effective decision to box southpaw in the latter stages of the fight, Leroy revealed this was not worked on in his training camp, and cited a move back down to light-welterweight could be imminent. 

He said: “I’m naturally orthodox but I can go southpaw whenever but I didn’t work on that through this camp just during this fight I kept falling short and he was catching me with his left-hook.

“I used my boxing brain, slowed it down and switched to southpaw and it worked, I landed the cleaner shots which got me the win tonight. 

“That was there hard at welterweight, the extra six pounds I could really feel it. I want to go back down to light-welterweight, claim the National title down there and still hold this one, so it’s also depending on who wants to come and challenge me. 

“It was a tough, tough fight, I’ve had tougher fights where I haven’t been as fit but tonight I felt like I could last a lot easier but we clashed heads, he hit me with big shots, and the pain I’m in now I’ve never been in before, but it’s all worth it.” 




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