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Lowery Ready To Defend Britain

Queensbury Boxing League - Lowery Ready To Defend Britain

It was the biggest night of his boxing career back in March when Ramsgate's Aaron Lowery stepped through the ropes at the league's Night Of Champions promotion to rip the Queensbury British Light Middleweight title away from champion Dan Lawrence in a breathtaking performance, but on Saturday June 30th Lowery and Lawrence will reacquaint themselves with each others fists when they step back into the Queensbury arena to battle it out once more for the coveted 11st British title. With the roles now reversed and Lowery entering as champion and Lawrence taking on the part of the challenger, the league caught up with Lowery to get his views on the protagonists last encounter and how he thinks the rematch will play out.

QB:: Hi Aaron, thanks very much for taking time out to chat to us about your forthcoming title defence on the league's June 30th promotion World's Collide.

Aaron Lowery: No problem its a pleasure.

QBL: You announced your arrival in the league back in March dethroning Dan Lawrence to lift the British Light Middleweight title in front of a sellout crowd at the Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey. Talk us through what you remember about that night and how you felt the fight went.

Aaron Lowery: It was a great feeling winning the title and before the fight we knew it was going to be a tough assignment as Lawrence looked awkward and tough in the footage we had seen of him, but if I'm honest he was easier to hit than I thought he would be and even though there were certain things that I didn't get the chance to do which were working well in the gym, it was a great fight and I really enjoyed it.

QBL: Before joining the league you had boxed outside of its ranks on various shows all over the country, how did the league compare with these other experiences and what do you remember about the whole build up to the night.

Aaron Lowery: The first thing I would have to say is how well looked after I was from the start of the show right up until the finish. As you said I've boxed on lots of other events where you were stuck in small changing rooms with no room to warm up and you are treated really badly, but with the league it was like we were world champions so it was a very positive experience.

QBL: In your post fight interview after defeating Lawrence you paid tribute to your coach John O'Neill for getting you into the shape of your life to win the belt. What is it about the training down their at his club in Margate that makes the fighters so successful and what types of training does he get his fighters doing?

Aaron Lowery: Its all down to the way John makes you work in the gym. He drags you through some very intense training so come fight night you are like a machine and he will work you so just when you think you can't give anymore he gets that little bit more out of you and thats what makes the difference. The gym has a great atmosphere and everybody looks up to John as he's a very knowledgable guy and he's going to go far in this game, so when you train at O'Neills you know you are going to be fit and ready for the fight.

QBL:After going five gruelling rounds with Lawrence to lift the title you are going straight back into the ring with him on the 30th to do it all over again in your first defence. What are your thoughts on fighting him again, and this time around do you think the outcome will be any different from the previous encounter?

Aaron Lowery: I think this time the fights going to be a lot tougher as we are both coming into this knowing a lot more about each other after already sharing a ring. As I said before the first fight we are both come forward boxers who will not need to go looking for each other, and after hitting Dan with some of my best shots in that fourth round and to see him keep coming I know how strong he is so I think this will go the distance , but its  a fight I am really excited about and I can't wait to get in there already.

QBL: And as you mentioned above you will both be coming into this fight knowing that little bit more about each other and you will both have had time to study the footage from the first contest, is there anything you think you will do differently this time around.

Aaron Lowery: As I said there were certain things in the first fight I did not manage to do which I am hoping that I can in this next fight, but without giving to much away you will see an even better Aaron Lowery.

QBL: And finally its shaping up to be the biggest rematch in the league's history with a huge amount of interest already being generated since the fight was announced, how do you see this one going and what will it take to defend your belt?

Aaron Lowery: Its going to be a hard hard fight but its one I fully expect to win and thats what I'm coming to do. I am coming to show people that the first result was not a fluke and I've got this fire inside me now to show people just how good I am so this time around I'm looking to do the job in more impressive fashion.

QBL: Thanks once again for taking the time to chat with us Aaron and we really look forward to seeing you on June 30th for what promises to be a cracking contest.

Aaron Lowery: Thanks very much.





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