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My belt is going nowhere vows Bellingham

Queensbury Boxing League - My belt is going nowhere vows Bellingham

Jack Figg interviews British welterweight king Alex Bellingham

QBL British welterweight champion Alex Bellingham has vowed to keep his title as he prepares for the first defence of the strap next month.

The Bromley boxer is scheduled to defend his title on the June 30 ‘True Grit’ show, with an opponent yet to be announced. Bellingham joined the league in 2016 following a successful amateur career with Bodyshots ABC which saw the him win the Haringey Box Cup, before becoming a national and British champion in the league.

The unbeaten Bellingham believes this success has made him a marked man.

“Definitely, definitely 100 percent” Bellingham said in reflection of boxers targeting him and his title.

“I would be the same if someone had a belt that I wanted I would target them to try and win it. But no one’s going to be winning that belt from me.” Bellingham said.

Bellingham will defend the title he won against Muhammed Seif back in February at the Effingham Park Hotel and the champion has vowed to keep his title.

“This British title is 100 percent staying with me, it’s my belt, it’s in Keddles gym and it’s staying there.” he said.

Despite not having confirmation of a challenger, Bellingham, who is undefeated in the league, believes his amateur experience puts him in good stead to face any style.

“Not knowing who my opponent will be isn’t a real problem for me to be honest” he said.

“That’s where the amateur background helps because I’ve never known who I was boxing in the amateurs.

“You could turn up on the day in championships and be fighting, three or four days in a row and you never know who you’re going to fight so you have to adapt to a style there and then. I have said before, I don’t think a certain style bothers me.

“I feel I can adapt to any fight if you go through all my fights in the league none of my opponents have had the same style they’ve all been different and I had to adapt and box differently in each fight”

Bellingham stands as the only current British champion within the league, and the 24 year-old believes he has done enough to prove himself as one of QBL’s finest talents.

“I believe I have done everything in the league to show I am probably one of the best fighters they have got at the moment.

“I think it comes down to hard work more than anything. Obviously my amateur background helps but It’s the hard work I’ve put in the gym, I think it shows off with my performances.”

Bellingham admitted he is targeting a run in the professional game but could not make a comment on how far he aims to go at this stage in his career.

“I’m looking to turn pro but I’m not gonna sit here and say how far I can go I just want to prove through each day how far I can go.

“I’m not gonna say at this moment I can go all the way and win world titles, I don't think I have the right to say that yet, but I’d like to see how far I can go and test myself.”




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