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Niall Nugent claims Novice light middleweight title

Queensbury Boxing League - Niall Nugent claims Novice light middleweight title


Niall Nugent secured the  Novice light-middleweight title last Saturday in just just his sixth fight in the league.  

Nugent met Tom White for the vacant title at the Effingham Park Hotel, where he clinched a unanimous points win. 

From the opening bell Nugent came out firing in front of huge local support, and the Crawley ,an landed a lead-uppercut followed by a right hand. 

Nugent landed a huge right hand that drove White back being kept up only by the ropes and an early eight count was called as the 21 year-old got off to an electric start. 

In the second round Nugent pumped out his jab well and landed with a big uppercut, and later caught White with a big left -hook, right-right hand combination. 

The third round got off to a more rugged start as both boxers collided on the inside with Nugent finding home to a short right hook. 

As the two found distance again they exchanged jabs, White landed as he spun Nugent off, however, the Crawley man pushed his man opponent back, landing with a right-hook to the body.

In the last round both boxers exchanged on the inside, but Nugent landed with a left-hook lead then and uppercut-right hand combination to end the bout. 

After four rounds Nugent was handed a unanimous points victory, and after the fight his trainer Michael Pilditch cited the development his boxer is making. 

“I thought it was a good fight, it was great to see more improvement from Niall compared to his last fight,” Pilditch said. “It was good to see him let his hands go a little bit more which is something we’d been working on in the gym. 

“He had the boy down in the first round, and I think if he had more patience he could have got him out there. We also saw a lot to work on, which is good as you’re never the finished article."

Nugent, who now moves to 5-1 in the QBL, stated he would like to stay at Novice level and defend his title before looking at stepping up a level. 

“I feel like it was a good performance, but I also feel like I showed a few too many floors,” Nugent claimed. 

“It was a good first round, but I should’ve used my patience and boxing skills to get him out the fight, rather than seeing red, getting excited and showing too much of a novice style. 

“I’d like to have a few more fights at novice, as I do feel like that’s my level, I need a couple more learning fights and defend my title a few times and then maybe move up to regional level.” 




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