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Official New Dawn Show Results

Queensbury Boxing League - Official New Dawn Show Results

All the official results from the opening round of the league's 2014 season of boxing.

Fight 1 - Novice Welterweight Division 10st 7lbs - Georgi Marinov Vs Michael Tokatlian

WINNER Michael Tokatlian 3rd Round TKO

Fight 2 - Heavyweight Division Above 14st 4lbs - Roy Oliphant Vs Bill Harmer

WINNER Bill Harmer Unanimous Points Decision

Fight 3 - Novice Lightweight Division 9st 7lbs - Beau Jeffrey Vs Hassan Abdi 

WINNER Hassan Abdi Unanimous Points Decision

Fight 4 - Novice Welterweight Division 10st 7lbs - Alan Harper Vs Anthony Ayinde 

WINNER Anthony Ayinde Unanimous Points Decision

Fight 5 - Light Middleweight Title Eliminator 11st - Darryl Davidson Vs Ollie Lawrence 

WINNER Ollie Lawrence Majority Points Decision- Lawrence Challenges For Title In Next Contest

Fight 6 - Novice Cruiserweight Title 14st 4lbs Championship limit

Adie Eckworth (Challenger) Vs Ben Vickers (Champion) Adie Eckworth Ben Vickers 

WINNER Ben Vickers Unanimous Points Decision- Vickers Still Champion

Fight 7 - Vacant National Super Middleweight Title 12st Championship limit

James Maltby (Challenger) Vs Jason Felix (Challenger) 

WINNER Jason Felix Unanimous Points Decision- Felix New National Super Middleweight Champion

Fight 8 - Regional Welterweight Division 10st 7lbs Lawrence Lofts Vs Lee Cannon


MAIN EVENT- Vacant National Middleweight Title 11st 6lbs Championship limit SPONSORED BY LONSDALE MAXIMUSCLE & REISSER PERFORMANCE SCREWS

John Hefford (Challenger) Vs Kieran "Lights Out" Leinster (Challenger) 

WINNER Kieran "Lights Out" Leinster 4th Round TKO - Leinster New National Middleweight Champion

Fight 10 - Vacant Novice Middleweight Title 11st 6lbs Championship Limit

Jamie Andrews (Challenger) Vs Ben Davies (Challenger)

WINNER Ben Davies Unanimous Points Decision- Davies new Novice Middleweight Champion

Fight 11 - Novice Light Middleweight Division 11st Aaron Mulhern Vs Andy Duffy 

WINNER Aaron Mulhern Unanimous Points Decision

Fight 12 - Novice Welterweight Division 10st 7lbs - Steven Johnson Vs Ashley Dansie 

WINNER Ashley Dansie Majority Points Decision

Fight 13 - Vacant Novice Cruiserweight Title 14st 4lbs Championship Limit

Jeff Samson (Challenger) Vs Lee Renshaw (Challenger) Jeff Samson Lee Renshaw

WINNER Lee Renshaw Unanimous Points Decision - Renshaw New Novice Cruiserweight Champion




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