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Pammy King clinches dramatic win against Lisa Owen

Queensbury Boxing League - Pammy King clinches dramatic win against Lisa Owen


Pammy King clinched a dramatic win against Lisa Owen on the undercard of the Road to Glory’ show. 

King entered the fight with a huge amount of local support as the whole of the Effingham Park Hotel, in Crawley, erupted as she entered the ring.  

From the opening bell King did not let her army of supporters down as she was quick off the mark landing a succession of clean straight shots.  

As the second round began it was cleak King settled into a more controlled pace leading with the jab, and the East Grinstead boxer caught Owen with a three punch combination.   

Just before the second round concluded Owen landed a left-hook that was a sign of things to come in the third round. 

As the fight went to the third and final round Owen came out with real intent and pushed King onto the back foot landing with right hands and left-hooks. 

Owen would land two big right hands busting the nose of King, however, the fight went to the judges scorecard. 

King was awarded the decision, and her trainer John Warren said after a quick first round, and a tough third, he believes his boxer deserved the victory. 

“It was really good, she trains so hard in the gym and it’s all coming together.” Warren said.  

“She just needed to box a bit more instead of standing there and having a fight, but the other girls was game as well. 

“In the first round, because it was non stop the whole round, it was never going to last like that forever, it couldn’t go on for three rounds no way, doesn't matter how hard you train. 

“In the second round she was a bit calmer, done what she had to do, but if she had boxed a little bit more she would have won even more convincingly than what she did.

“I thought she won the first two rounds, and if we had boxed the last round and kept on the back foot it would have been more comfortable.”  




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