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Pickett expecting a tough challenge in Davies

Queensbury Boxing League - Pickett expecting a tough challenge in Davies


GEORGE PICKETT will face three time QBL champion Ben Davies on September 8, in the first round of the ‘Quest Knockout Tournament’. 

The tournament, staged at the Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey, will see eight middleweights battle it out in a knockout tournament for the Quest title.

Pickett, who is coming down in weight having previously competed at light-heavyweight and super-middleweight, revealed he is comfortable with the idea of potentially fighting three times in one night. 

“I’m feeling fairly comfortable about the tournament format,” he said. “Trainings going well and you can’t look past anyone, you have to believe every fight is going to be a tough fight, and you have to give it your all in every fight and not worry about the next one. 

“You can’t look past anyone because if you don’t give it your all you might not get through that fight. 

“All the competitors are quality lads who have all proved themselves so it’s going to be tough but you have to give it your all.” 

Pickett will meet former QBL National champion Ben Davies in the first round, he returns to action having been sidelined for 14 months due to a shoulder injury, and this absence from the ring has left Pickett believing his opponent will have a point to prove. 

“(Davies) is going to be tough, he’s coming in with a point to prove because he’s had a bit of time off but you have to beat everyone to get to the final. You can’t just go in there looking for an easy route if you want to win it you have to beat the seeds. 

“I’m going in with an open mind and I think any lad could possibly take it. It’s going to be tough and you have to go in there planning who could beat who anything could happen in the fight.

“Someone could get injured in a fight, someone’s hand could go, you just never know. I’m going to take things how it comes, see how we go, I’ll be fighting against these good lads it will be nice to see where I stand with them all and possibly go on in the future and look ahead.”  

QBL promoter Ross Minter, who competed in a similar welterweight prizefighter competition in 2008, shared his experience of the prospect of fighting three times in one night, and explained why the knockout tournament has made a return. 

He said: “We’ve only ever done one other tournament like this and that was a middleweight tournament and it was one of the best nights in Queensbury Boxing League history. 

“It was fantastic, the people at the venue, the fighters themselves, everybody loved it and this is going to be a replica of that.

“Years ago I fought in the Prizefighter tournament, and that was fantastic. Unfortunately I got beat in the first round and it was gutting, it was horrible, but these boys aren't going to want that, no one does, so they’re going to give it there all.” 




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