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Queensbury Signs With Premier Sports ON SKY TV

Queensbury Boxing League - Queensbury Signs With Premier Sports ON SKY TV

After many month's of negotiations the Queensbury Boxing League are proud to confirm we have signed a broadcast agreement with Sky's Premier Sports to televise our massive next promotion The Reckoning taking place this Saturday at the exclusive Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey.

The hour long broadcast of the event which will showcase the best of the action captured from Saturday's show will be aired on Sky channel 433 on a free to air basis on either Friday September 30th or Saturday October 1st during the channels prime time view slot between 7pm and 10pm, and anyone with a Sky box will be able to watch the broadcast free of charge. 

Commenting on the exciting deal, Queensbury Boxing League promoters Ross Minter and Alan Foley said that this is a massive opportunity for the league to expose it's exciting brand of boxing to a much wider audience and show people what the league is all about.

Ross Minter added " This is a chance for people to see exactly what this event is all about. The league was created to offer boxers an exciting platform to test their skills in fair, evenly matched fights, and we have fighters from all levels of ability competing at our promotions. These boxers are regular guys who love the sport and want to compete in an environment where they are being looked after, and that is exactly what we are offering with the Queensbury Boxing League"

Promoter Alan Foley also added " In any sport there are many levels of competition and just like in football you have the premiership where the best players in the country play and then you have many many league's below that where players of a good ability still compete and enjoy the sport, so why should boxing be any different? But in boxing it's never been like that and you have the professionals which compete at a very high level but up until now there has never been a promotion or organization outside of the pro's that has offered the thousands of boxers out there the chance to compete in a properly organized and professionally managed events. That's where the Queensbury Boxing League comes in and now offers these boxer there chance to compete in what we believe to be the most exciting boxing event in the UK and hopefully this agreement with Premier Sports will allow the show to grow.

With confirmation of the broadcast date and time coming soon make sure you keep up to date with the league via the website, Facebook and Twitter and get ready for another fantastic event.




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