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Returning Roo Abbott clinches comeback win

Queensbury Boxing League - Returning Roo Abbott clinches comeback win

Roo Abbott returned to action with a win on 'True Grit' bill after almost three years out of the ring. Abbott fought Matt Flavel in a light-heavyweight contest on the Queensbury Boxing League’s ‘True Grit’ show which was held at the Effingham Park Hotel in Crawley.

The 31 year-old Abbott had not boxed since November 2015, however before taking a break in the sport he had held QBL novice super-middleweight and light-heavyweight titles. Abbott was greeted with a massive reception on his walk to the ring and the Oxted man wasted no time in forcing the action.

In a battle between two southpaw’s Abbott was struggling to land with his straight shots but found success by backing his man into the corner and unleashing short hooks to head and body. Flavel landed short clubbing hooks on the inside in the final round however Abbott remained consistent in putting his man under pressure which subsequently led the former champion to victory on his return bout.

Despite victory, Abbott expressed disappointment in his performance and urged fans not to judge him on the display of boxing he showcased. “If I was going to rate my performance it would be 6/10,” he said.

“I had a gameplan and after about 30 seconds he was just countering me every time so I just put it to him too be honest. “I’m more critical about my performance then just getting a win, I can box so much better than that, I held two belts and that wasn’t a championship performance. “After three years out, I proved again I can dig deep but if you’re going to judge me on that boxing performance I wouldn’t be happy."

Abbott revealed he would like to return for October and praised the efforts of his team for his fitness. “It turned into a fight more than a boxing match, but at the end of the day what got me through was pure fitness and I thank my camp for that. “I’ll be back in the gym Monday working on things myself and my team think I need to work on and get back out in October.”

After the fight, Sam Levett, owner of The Warriors Gym, and Abbott’s strength and conditioning coach said: “It was his first fight back so he was going to be rusty, he has high expectations of himself due to previous performances so he was always going to relate to that. “We had to get him down from a high weight and very unfit so now he can go back in the gym stay at the weight for the next fight he’s already going to be at the weight and the fitness so he’ll be much better.”




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