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Stingwray Boxing Club gunning for titles

Queensbury Boxing League - Stingwray Boxing Club gunning for titles

Stingwray’s Boxing Club in Brighton have three boxers competing on the Road to Glory’ show. 

The show, staged at the Effingham Park Hotel, in Crawley, Sussex, will take place on Saturday (October 20) will see light-welterweight Amiee Edwards takes on Gemma Ruegg, welterweight Wolf Griffiths meets Hussein Mohungo, while heavyweight league debutant Selim Qenaj faces Dave Choppin. 

Edwards was initially meant to meet Epsom’s Leanne Ball in a rematch of their initial draw, and Stingwray head trainer Neil Wray admitted the chance to avenge the draw is frustrating.

Wray said: “It was very frustrating, (Promoter) Alan (Foley) sent the footage of the fight over to me. It’s exactly how I remembered it Aimee losing the first two rounds with the third being won by 10/8 and winning the last round.

“Aimee likes to know who she’s got in front of her but I’ve always told my fighters things can change so we have to be prepared for change and have the skills to adapt.” 

Griffiths will move down from light-middleweight to challenge Mohungo for the vacant Regional welterweight title, and Wray cited he is excited for the change of weight. 

“I’m really excited to see how he does moving down in weight. It was his decision and he came to me to discuss the idea,” Wray said. 

“Wolf is dedicated in the sport and will do whatever he needs to do to achieve success. His heart and power has never been a problem and has got him out of tricky situations in fights before.

“We have been focusing on skill and ring craft. I’m sure you will see a new and improved Wolf on the 20th and will be looking at the new champion.

“(Muhongo) is a good test, he is fast and throws punches at awkward angles. We have been working on a game plan after studying Hussein.” 

Heavyweight Qenaj will challenge for the vacant Novice heavyweight title, and despite making his QBL debut Wray is confident his man can step straight into title action.

“Selim is from Albania he’s a novice boxer that really wants to do well in the sport. He’s game and comes to fight,” said Wray. 

“I’ve seen his opponent box before and I think it will be a good test for Selim. If he wants to do well in the sport he needs to be beating guys like him.” 




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