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Stingwray head coach confident ahead of 'True Grit'

Queensbury Boxing League - Stingwray head coach confident ahead of 'True Grit'

Jack Figg reports: 

Stingwray head coach Neil Wray prepares for the June 30, ‘True Grit’ bill with four fighters in action. 

Light-middleweight Wolf Griffiths challenges for the vacant regional title against Lee Cannon, Jordan Eason takes on Josh Whittington for the Novice middleweight strap. 

Cruiserweight Loui Alexander makes his league debut and Seb Hallet competes for the second time. 

Griffiths competes for a title for the second time having just fell short on the previous attempt, and Wray cited this is a chance at redemption for  

“He’s gunning for that and it’s what he wants more than anything” Wray said. 

“Wolf’s progression day by day is incredible, he puts a lot into it. Going from what I’ve seen he’s young, willing to learn and I think he can go really far in the game, it’s quite hard to put how far but he’s got a bright future in the game.” 

Eason has previously sparred his opponent Whittington, and Wray admitted this is an advantage for him as a coach. 

Wray said: “I do know about his opponent, they’ve sparred in the past and it was a good spar, so I know what to work on. 

“He’s quite good, but back then when they spared maybe a couple of years ago, Jordan has improved a hell of a lot since then. 

“As a coach I like to look at things and work it out so I do see it as an advantage having knowledge on the opponent, so we can work on stuff.

“But sparring is sparring and you can’t read too much into it, it’s whoever trains the hardest and get’s the fittest will win the fight, I don't see too much difference in class amongst them.” 

Wray revealed debutant Alexander will provide much excitement when he fights and has complimented the cruiserweights hand speed. 

“Louie is a cheeky chappy and got a lot of ambition, for a cruiserweight he’s very quick, and explosive. He’s good to watch, he’s not boring to fight he makes things happen.”

Hallett, who has one loss in the league coming against Joey Knight, takes on Hussein Mohungo, with Wray acknowledging the challenge ahead, but revealed he is giving his boxer the opportunity to prove himself. 

“Seb if I’m honest has a tough fight” Wray said. 

“I’ve seen footage of his opponent and I think he’s quite classy, I originally turned this down and Seb told me my decision was final but he believes he could beat him.

“We’ve agreed to take the fight, Seb wants to prove to me he can beat him and I’m more than happy to give him that opportunity. 

“I’ve been battling in my mind it should be the coaches decision not the boxers but you know if the boxer wants it that much and wants to prove it to me he can do that.

“I’ll obviously be keeping a close eye as anything can happen.” 




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