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Striking Distance Results

Queensbury Boxing League - Striking Distance Results

On Saturday night the Effingham Park Hotel played host to the league's third exciting promotion of 2012, and the aptly named Striking Distance event provided another amazing night of boxing entertainment across the bumper 14 bout card which incuded the fastest ever knockout recorded inside a Queensbury ring. The evening saw four new Queensbury champions crowned and an exciting new crop of boxers take their first steps inside the UK's premier boxing league in search of glory.

Striking Distance Results

Fight 1 - Light Heavyweight  Andy Greenbank vs Wayne Bishop - Result Draw

Fight 2 - Light Middleweight  Daniel Humphreys vs Sonny Eady - Result Daniel Humphreys Winner Points

Fight 3 - Light Heavyweight  Scott Charlton vs Ben Middleton - Result Ben Middleton Winner KO 7 seconds rd 1

Fight 4 - Super Middleweight  Josh Lamb vs Chris Jones - Result Chris Jones Winner Points

Fight 5 - Super Middleweight  Tom Dolan vs Stephen Hamilton - Result Tom Dolan Winner Points

Fight 6 - Light Middleweight  Gary Murray vs Stevie Little - Result Gary Murray Winner Points

Fight 7 - Vacant Queensbury Southern Area Light Middleweight Championship

Mike Kabembula vs Jimmy Mizon - Result Jimmy Mizon Winner Point (New Champion)

Fight 8 - Welterweight  Terry Russell vs Lee Dalglish - Result Draw

Fight 9 - Light Heavyweight  Jason Chay vs James Windsor - Result James Windsor Winner Points

Fight 10 - Light Welterweight  Tobiano Mancuso vs George Greenslade - Result Draw

Fight 11 - Vacant Queensbury Novice Welterweight Championship

Lee Cannon vs Tom Knight - Result Tom Knight Winner Points (New Champion)

Fight 12 - Vacant Queensbury British Light Welterweight Championship

Paul Hanies vs Jimmy Harrison - Result Jimmy Harrison Winner Points (New Champion)

Fight 13 - Vacant Queensbury Southern Area Cruiserweight Championship

Steve Orford vs Wojtek Wieczorek - Result Steve Orford Winner Points (New Champion)

Main Event - Queensbury British Welterweight Championship

Anthony Hill (Challenger) vs Patrick Fielder (Champion) Result Patrick Fielder Winner Points 




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