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The Big Fight Preview How They See It

Queensbury Boxing League - The Big Fight Preview How They See It

With just over a week to go until the massive summer blockbuster "Too Hot To Handle", the league caught up with some of the Middleweight divisions biggest names to get their views on the impending Middleweight superfight between reigning British champion Gareth Gardner and Danny Lineham.

Andy Thompson- Middleweight contender and former Lineham Opponent

After watching Gareth Gardner perform the way he did against my gym mate Aaron Lowery, I’ve got to go with him to win this fight. When I lost to Danny back in November I felt drained coming into the fight and although he did stop me in the final round, I didn’t really feel his punches were as hard as everyone was saying. This fight has the potential to be a real cracker, and I’d love to see the winner face Sam Holloway later on this year.

Rossco Parker- Middleweight Contender And 2 Time Title Challenger

Gareth Gardner has been the main man in the league for some time now, and after sparring him in the lead up to my last fight you can tell why he’s been a league above everyone else so far. I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve seen of Danny Lineham so far and he looks very disciplined and seems to be able to both box and fight. I think if Gareth can impose his trademark pressure and not give Danny any room he’ll nick a close decision on points, but if he can’t keep Danny off him then who knows. But ultimately I think Gareth will nick it but it could be controversial.

Aaron Lowery- Former British Light Middleweight Champion and Gardner opponent

Personally I think this fight is too tough to call as I can see an argument for both Gareth and Danny winning it. Gareth is super fit and when I lost to him back in March he really impressed me as I think that was the best I’ve ever seen him box, but on the other hand you have Danny Lineham who has the reputation of being very heavy handed so that could swing it in his favor. For me its just hard to pick a winner so all I can say is its going to be a great fight and let the best man win.

Sam Holloway- Queensbury English Middleweight Champion and Former Lineham opponent

I think they are both really good fighters, but I think Gareth’s work rate will win him this fight. After boxing Danny I feel he will be the physically stronger man in the ring and if he can box as he did against me then he’s got a chance, but that said I believe Gareth will overwhelm him and although people are saying Danny has this one punch knockout power, I didn’t feel it myself but not a lot of punches were landed in our fight anyway to really tell. So for me its Gardner on points in a great fight




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