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Thunder In London Quotes

Queensbury Boxing League - Thunder In London Quotes

As the league heads towards Saturday nights spectacular night of championship boxing at the famous Alexandra Palace in London, we caught up with some of the headline fighters ahead of the big night to get their thoughts on their impending battles.

DUANE "HOT SHOT" SINCLAIR - National Light Heavyweight Champion

Training has gone really well for this fight, and we've been concentrating on a lot on strength and technique. It's been a little unusual because I'm used to a varied training camp concentrating predominately on technique, but I'm confident in my team and training has gone according to plan. This is the first defence of my light heavyweight title, and I can guarantee there's no way Team Hot Shot will be losing.

DWAYNE "SUPER" JONES-GRANT - National Light Heavyweight Title Challenger

I've really enjoyed my training camp for this fight and I've been training alongside Guy Jackson and Mustafa El-Kadmiri who are also competing on the same night, which has made all of us train that much harder as we're all going through same emotions which has helped push us. I've also been doing some rounds with Queensbury National Cruiserweight champion Ben Vickers which has been the hardest sparring of my camp.

The preparations have been exhausting but seeing the other lad's push themselves has made me go that extra mile. I've been doing a lot of swimming and cylying for this fight as well as training with Adrian David my S&C trainer and Colin Wilson from the Noble Art Gym has been watching over my sparring and Anthony Munro has been with me every step of the way supporting me both mentally and financially so I couldn't ask for a better team. I feel strong confident and looking to do the business. I'd would also like to thank everyone who has brought ticket's and hopefully we can continue to grow the super Army!!

LLOYD MILLER - National Super Middleweight Title Challenger

My training has gone very we'll and it's been more enjoyble this time around being fit still from the last fight. I had a few days off after the Morby win and started training again, so I will be having plenty of rest days this week in preparation for Saturday's big fight. I think my speed will win me this fight, I respect Terry because he is the champion but he will have never experienced fighting some one with my hand speed, plus I punch very hard so this will be the most entertaining fight I've had in the league and I'm ready to show the shows fans on Saturday night just how good I am.

JON MARTIN - Regional Light Welterweight Champion

Training for my first title defence has gone really well, and aside from the normal Danny Ruegg super sessions of tyres,ropes,circuits,bungee cord sparring road work and pads, we've brough in multiple sparring partners of all differenet weights for this fight and I've been doing fifteen 3 minute rounds with 30 second rest inbetween, and they have been one in one out non stop and I have stayed in the duration.

The theme during the sparring has been to put pressure on me throw bombs and tangle me up and draw me into a scrap, and although I relish the opportunity for a toe to toe fight with Hill, this isn't what i am here for or best at and I believe no one in the league will out box me as my style and skill far exceeds everyone in my weight category, so i will concentrate on my boxing. I've never felt so fit in my career and ID Hill is just a stepping stone as I am just getting started in the league so roll on Saturday night.

ID HILL - Regional Light Welterweight Title Challenger

My preparations have all been about good living, the right nutrition and great training which will all contribute to my success on Saturday night. I've been training at a high level for this big fight, and every fight gets more and more important and bigger for me, and thsi will be another step forward to my future and career in the league. I know this is going to be an awesome fight on Saturday night and I know I'm going to be raking up another win, and I'd like to thank my coach Vic for helping me progress and to keep winning.




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