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Wallington duo prepare for QBL debuts

Queensbury Boxing League - Wallington duo prepare for QBL debuts



Wallington pair Joe Paini and Charlie Goodman prepare for their Queensbury Boxing League debuts on Saturday, October 20.

Both boxers, who are trained by Paulie Stevens at the Raptorsin gym in Sutton, will compete on the ‘Road to Glory’ show, staged at the Effingham Park Hotel, in Crawley, Sussex.

Paini, a former paratrooper and amatuer boxer will meet David Flatt, while Goodman will come up against Owen Tierney.

Trainer Stevens claimed he has changed the style of Paini, who had adopted an aggressive boxing style from his time competing as a paratrooper boxer.

Stevens said: “Joe boxed for the paratroopers and had about four bouts for them. He was a typical army boy who wanted to come forward and throw loads of punches with not much actual boxing skill as much.

“In the last six months I’ve turned him round and he’s quite a nice boxer now, he’s jabbing well and he’s doing really well.

“His boxing has really changed as in sparring he would try and kill you, and now he’s a lot more calm and settled.”

Stevens, who competed as a boxer in the QBL previously in his own career, cited his experience in the league could help the cruiserweight Paini progress quicker.

“I’ve got a lot of experience in the league, I was with (promoter) Ross (Minter) when he first started the league so I know how it works,” Stevens said.

“So I’d like to think Joe will climb the ladder quite quickly because he’s willing to learn. I think he’ll do really well, he’s exciting.”

Southpaw light-welterweight Goodman, has been tipped by Stevens to also progress quickly in the league, as the trainer claimed his is the ‘noble art’ when fighting.

Stevens said: “Charlie is actually a really nice boxer, very tall, southpaw. When I first got him he was wanting to fight everyone and it just didn’t work.

“But now I’ve got him boxing really well and he’s doing really well. Out of the two if anyone is going to climb the ladder quicker I think it will be Charlie, as he’s a lovely boxer.

“He is the noble art, he’s a hit and not be hit boxer, he moves very well and everything he does now is calculated.

Piani, who owns the ‘Ginger Italian’ in Carshalton, is funding a fun day outside of his restaurant with the money raised from his fight.




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