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Wanderema ready to take Baker into deep waters

Queensbury Boxing League - Wanderema ready to take Baker into deep waters

Former QBL National middleweight champion Joel Wanderema says he is "fired up" and ready to claim his second National title when he meets Kane Baker next Saturday in Epsom.

Having suffered the disappointment of losing his middleweight title in his second defence against old rival Ben Davies earlier on in the season, the 32-year old Londoner jumped at the chance to step down a division and take the opportunity of becoming a two division king.

“There have been talks about me going down to light-middle for some time seeing that at most of my previous weigh-ins I've been comfortably inside the championship limit, and I know I'll still carry the same power down at 11 stone, said the Londoner

“Going for a light-middle title is nothing. The only difference will be me collecting a belt in another division. I made weight before I got the phone call and can eat twice as much as I am now and still make weight. I know the dynamics will be different, but I have already adjusted my strength to speed ratio and my power remains the same".

When it comes to the level of previous opposition faced by the duo in the competition Wanderema has undoubtedly mixed with a far higher calibre of opponents, and confidence in his ability to send Baker home empty handed is not in short supply.

“When it comes to fighting me, people normally change their game plan. I think Kane Baker will be 100 percent vigilant and take no chances because I will be waiting for that chance and will exploit it without warning. And if it doesn’t come I will create it, continued Wanderema.

"He will be looking to pick and move and apply pressure once he thinks he’s getting through, but when he falls into that false sense of security that’s when I will take advantage"

“My last fight at middleweight was simply a loan; no complaints, Ben picked well and stayed out of a scrap where he didn’t need to be. I will be collecting payment in full next year.

“As far as training for Baker goes everything is running smoothly and I am mixing with the trickiest range of fighters in the gym and going through plans A to Z. I’m working on a new shot and perfecting it every day and plan to use it at will"

"My aim is to take Baker into deep waters for all five rounds, but if the stoppage comes it comes.”

Wanderema versus Baker is just one of the headline showdowns taking place next Saturday night on the stacked ‘Glory’ show at the famous Epsom Downs Racecourse in Surrey. To secure your ticket at this expected sell-out event, call the Queensbury Hotline on 0203 7518599.




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